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Mining Update

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Our mining solutions
What does it take to build a successful all-electric mine?
The ABB eMine™ framework makes the all-electric mine possible with purposeful approach and methods. It is built on five pillars encompassing the entire process and details a phased approach addressing access to a broad portfolio of fit-for-purpose mining equipment solutions, early involvement of all partners in pre-planning, the importance of industry collaboration to accommodate evolving technology and future-proof mine design.
Connecting workforce 
You are looking to grow your business but face headwinds: a skills gap between job requirements and the available labor pool or the unexpected. ​

ABB can help you stay ahead of the curve with more intuitive on-the-job guidance for executing work instructions, procedures or inspection rounds.

Contact us to discuss how we might help you leverage smart devices and collaborative mobile apps.
Our eXperience in hoisting improves yours
With over 130 years in the mining industry, we strongly believe that experience is only valuable when it is applied and shared.

That’s why we have built ABB Ability™ NGX Hoist Control, an optimized and unified global hoist control system that gives you an improved user experience, improved reliability, higher levels of protection, and more flexibility than ever.
New project
ABB and Perenti collaboration awarded all-electric mine study from IGO
ABB’s eMine™ framework continues to build momentum. Our approach is about working with others on the journey to the all-electric mine where electrification, automation and digitalization combine. Today, we can announce our first deal under our collaboration with mining services group Perenti as, together, we have signed up to work with Australian mine operator IGO Ltd. at their Cosmos Nickel Project.
Mining insights
A goldmine of experience!
Our pilot ABB Ability™ eMine FastCharge solution is set to become the world’s fastest and only fully automated charging system for mining trucks, offering up to 600kW of power.

In the latest edition of ABB Review, Nic Beutler explains how ABB is transforming today’s mine operations while improving the world beyond them.
Simplifying the digital transformation in mining
The need for efficiency has never been more multi-faceted, and digitalization has opened the door to new ways of unlocking productivity while maintaining safe operations.

However, implementing a digital transformation is a process that takes time and can be daunting for some mining companies.

Sanjit Shewale, global head of ABB’s Digital business line, shares his views with Australian Mining magazine on simplifying Digital transformation in the Mining industry.
Ventilation innovation is a breath of fresh air
"Ventilation is one of the major energy consumers in an underground operation, so we see that mines are starting to concentrate much more on that to understand how they can reduce energy consumption to hit sustainability targets," said Jan Nyqvist, Global Product Manager Underground Mine Solutions at ABB.

ABB’s Automation experts spoke to Mining Magazine about mine ventilation.
Join ABB at our future events in 2023
Hoist & Haul, Montreal - Canada, August 13-16
Meet us during the global conference where we will share our insights into the latest trends and technologies in shaft hoisting.
ABB at Hoist and Haul
Mining Indonesia, Jakarta - Indonesia, September 13-16
Come listen to ABB's decarbonization initiative eMineTM at the largest international mining equipment exhibition in Asia.
See the program
SAG Conference, Vancouver - Canada, September 24-28
Come visit us in Pod D. Join our grinding experts showcasing our latest technology and product updates.
ABB @ SAG 2023
Perumin 36, Arequipa - Peru, September 25-29
Whatever stage you are at in your decarbonization journey, please come talk to ABB experts in Booth E-72 about how we can support you through your energy transition.
See the program
Procemin, Santiago - Chile, October 4-6
Join us in Stand #3 and learn more from our Gearless Mill Drive experts in mineral processing and advanced condition monitoring platforms.
See the program
FT Mining Summit, London - UK, October 5-6
How will the industry work to realign production and distribution to fit the new macro environment?
Join ABB at the summit
Meet the ABB mining people
Celebrating 45 years of developing world-renowned hoisting technologies
It’s apt that a Swedish engineer has led the development of so much of ABB’s hoisting technologies as ABB’s first electric motor for a mine hoist was commissioned in Sweden back in 1891. Today, the mining sector is adopting technologies to help it – and the world – get to net zero and ABB’s experience across electrification, automation and digital solutions is supporting its customers. 
Meet the people of ABB Process Industries Switzerland
Contributing to ABB’s overall purpose, we are happy to present the people of ABB Process Industries Switzerland. Learn about their passion and their motivation working at ABB, and beyond. See how they are enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future with our technology leadership in electrification and automation, industry-specific products and lifecycle services to our customers in the Mining, Aluminum & Cement industries.
Highlights from Expomin 2023 in Chile
Watch the video summary of the key highlights of the international mining fair held in Chile and where ABB showcased with virtual reality presentations the newest developments in grinding and mining.
2nd Mining Tech summit
The conference brought together important representatives of the mining industry at regional and local levels, highlighting the latest technological advances and their solutions for the demands of today's market.
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