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 Mining Update 04/21
In 2022 let's continue to write the future of mining, together!
In 2021, we have celebrated 130 years of expertise grounded in the real world of mining.
And the journey continues!
2022 will be a crucial time to further expand our commitment towards creating sustainable progress. 
To that end we work hand-in-hand with our customers to achieve their sustainability and productivity targets.
How? Watch the ABB mining team voicing the way forward.
Making the all-electric mine possible with ABB AbilityTM eMine.
​​​​​​​For your world, and mine.
Get the material from ABB Mining Tech Talks
More than 70% of total participants from our live Mining Tech Talk session told us that they are preparing to start, or are already actively looking for energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions reporting systems.

It is not a simple task. ABB not only understands these requirements, we can also equip you to meet them with ABB Ability™ eMine, our purposeful approach, proven methods, electrification & digital systems – all integrated from mine to port.

In case you are looking to achieve the balance between sustainability and productivity targets, be sure to watch our recent Mining Tech Talk session and reach out to us.
White paper: Building the all-electric mine
Many of the world’s largest miners are targeting major reductions in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
To reach these targets, mining companies will need to make substantial investments in the key enablers of decarbonization – namely electrification of equipment and transitioning to the use of renewables for electricity generation.

In this white paper, Mining Magazine, in association with ABB, take a deep dive into the practicalities of electrifying mobile mining equipment and, by extension, achieving an all-electric mine.
ABB working with AWS to develop digitally integrated all-electric operations for net-zero emissions mining
As we continue to build our collaborations within the mining industry around our ABB Ability™ eMine framework, we are now working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop digitally integrated all-electric operations for net zero emissions.

With this goal in mind, ABB Ability™ Operations Management System (OMS) has already been integrated with heavy-duty EV drivetrain developer MEDATECH Engineering Services Ltd.’s cloud data collection system on AWS, paired with ABB’s fast charging pilot solution, ABB Ability™ eMine FastCharge.
Video: A new trolley assist solution to meet Copper Mountain Mining’s sustainable development goals in Canada
As announced in April 2021, ABB will provide haul truck trolley assist infrastructure at Copper Mountain Mining Corp near Princeton, British Columbia.

Copper Mountain estimates that each haul truck will displace approximately 400 litres of diesel/hour and reduce approximately 1 tonne of CO2/hour while on trolley assist.

Credit for the video: Copper Mountain.
The Electric Mine conference 2022: register now
ABB is the silver sponsor of the The Electric Mine conference 2022. Nic Beutler and 
Björn Jonsson will speak on February 18th, 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM CET time, during the "Decarbonisation strategies" session about ABB's holistic approach to mine electrification and present our new solution eMineTM.
Podcast: How ABB Ability™ eMine allows industry to “do mining in a better way”
Our Global Head of Mining Max Luedtke has featured in ABB Decoded, our regular podcast that sheds a little light on the latest developments in technology and sustainability.

Here, he takes the chance to discuss the electrification of mining, explore how mines can become more sustainable and explain about the game-changing solution ABB Ability™ eMine that helps make the all-electric mine possible.
ABB strenghtens its Asset Performance Management offering
Are you looking to generate more value from existing assets?
ABB launched ABB AbilityTM Genix Asset Performance Management (APM) Suite which will provide integrated solutions for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and 360-degree asset performance insights to asset integrity.

ABB continues to innovate with real-world, next-generation AI solutions that make a difference to productivity, profitability, and asset lifespan maximization, at a time where sustainable operations have never been more important.
Use case video: the value of Asset Performance Management
Need more predictable assets? Check this high ROI use case and let's talk about ABB's next-generation APM for mining - now enhanced with AI / ML.
Major update of ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance for grinding: maintain, assess and analyze your gearless mill drive
Would you like to care for your grinding equipment in a similar way to looking after valuable items in your home when you are not around? By using the Grinding Connect app, it is possible to check on the performance and real-time notifications of your assets with just a few taps.

It is part of ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance for grinding, which works on a cloud-based platform to enable additional trend monitoring and analytics for mining customers.
ABB global market leadership in Distributed Control Systems (DCS) confirmed for 22nd consecutive year
Recognized as one of the industry’s most authoritative sources, the DCS market analysis and forecast report by ARC Advisory Group has been published annually for the past 40 years, with ABB consistently in the lead for more than half that time (read the press release).

As the heart of automation control, ABB’s DCS solutions monitor and manage every aspect of plant operations 24/7, helping our customers ensure the safety of people and equipment, the quality and efficiency of production, and a reduced environmental impact.
The shortlist for the 2021 Mining Magazine Awards has been decided
Each year Mining Magazine recognizes Excellence and Innovation in the mining industry by inviting their readers to nominate people, companies, groups or projects that they feel have demonstrated outstanding commitment to advancing the state of play in mining over the past 12 months.

ABB is nominated in 4 categories:
  1. Emissions and the Transition Award with ABB’s pilot eMine™ FastCharge 
  2. ESG Reduction & Monitoring Technology with ABB Ability™ eMine
  3. Safety Award with ABB Ability™ Safety Plus for hoists
  4. Service and Support with ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance for grinding
​​​​​​​We are proud to be among the great group of finalists for the Mining Magazine Awards 2021. Congratulations to all the nominees!
Our experts share their insights
ABB Review 4/21: Mine electrification
Mehrzad Ashnagaran and Ulf Richter present how ABB eMine™ and its associated Trolley System, as well as its gearless conveyor drives and its expertise in the automation of conveyor systems, are helping mining customers to electrify their equipment from pit to port with fit-for-purpose solutions.
ABB Review 4/21: Optimizing stockyard operations
Andre Herzog explains how with ABB Ability™Stockyard Management System, a digital twin of a facility, operators have access to large data sets that allow the customer to combine each cubic meter of material processed with information regarding material quality and location as well as energy consumption in realtime.
How to kickstart your mine’s digital journey
Through early involvement, Petri Vuolukka explains how we work hand-in-hand with our customers to envision and develop tailormade digital strategies that will help to facilitate modernization and autonomous operations.

ABB has been pacesetter in the automation of mining
In an interview with Engineering Review, India, Dharamdev Rajwar, Regional Sales Manager, Mining for South East Asia in ABB, outlines the changes in the mining industry in India and how ABB solutions are paving the way towards sustainable, efficient, and safer work environments.
A view to the future of mining in the Middle East
In Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom views mining as the third pillar of industry and is making efforts to drive innovative thinking for its future. Mohammed AlMousa and Ramzi Akkawi explain how we’re working in the region with our recently introduced ABB Ability™ eMine approach and portfolio.
New Conveyor Tech: Designing for Productivity
In this recent article, Engineering & Mining Journal asked Eduardo Botelho to present our new digital service ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for belts, and ABB Gearless Conveyor Drive technology. Learn more about products and services that help keep the ore moving.
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