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Mining Update 03/21
ABB Ability™ eMine. For your world, and mine.
Did you know that if every truck in every mine were electrified, we could remove
198,000 tons of CO2 every day from the air we breathe? ABB Ability™ eMine makes
the all-electric mine possible. By fully integrating electrification and digital systems
from the mine to the port, eMine™ significantly reduces your environmental impact,
lowers costs and raises productivity. Together, we can build the mine of tomorrow.
A mine that’s great for your business. And even better for the world around it.
Mine a better world. Design a better mine.
eMine™ explained in 3 minutes
We believe that together we can overcome the challenges facing the mining industry and also improve the world beyond it.

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eMine™ interactive brochure
Download an interactive PDF guide on how to electrify your mine while improving the world beyond it.

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Ensuring we’re together in electric dreams
Mine operators have long been aware of the challenges of integrating digitalization and electrification at their sites. Together with their supply chains, original equipment manufacturers and technology developers, they are beginning to recognize the practical steps that can be taken now to turn electric dreams into reality for the benefit of operations, people and the wider world, explain ABB’s Global Head of Mining, Max Luedtke and Mehrzad Ashnagaran, Global Product Line Manager, Electrification and Composite Plant at ABB.
eMine™ means all working together.
The time to change is now. But the mining industry is clear that when it comes to electrification, nobody can make it alone. Partnerships and co-creation of solutions with OEMs, other mining companies and governments are needed to successfully integrate electrification in mines. We are working with OEMs to fast-track the development of new emissions-reducing systems with electrification and automation of the whole mining operation the goal.

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Most recent eMine™ project: Boliden collaborates with Epiroc and ABB on the journey towards a fossil free mine
We’re proud to be working with Boliden and Epiroc to develop an electric trolley truck system for underground mining at the Kristineberg mine in northern Sweden. The new system is expected to demonstrate a reduction in CO2 emissions and an improved work environment.
ABB at MINExpo 2021
MINExpo 2021 is now over, it was definitely a key highlight, thank you to all the people that visited our booth!
  • We officially launched ABB Ability™ eMine, our purposeful approach, methods and solutions to fast-track the transition to all-electric mines,
  • We announced new strategic partnerships with Liebherr Mining, Stäubli Electrical Connectors and MEDATECH to accelerate the decarbonization of the mining industry,
  • We showcased our groundbreaking pilot technology eMine™ FastCharge, the world’s fastest and only fully automated charging system for mining haul trucks.

And we could finally meet our dear customers in person.

For those who could not join, this is a wrap up of these 3 intense days.
Video: Top 10 digital use cases in mining
Based on ABB's experience on the ground, we’ve compiled our list of Top 10 digital use cases in mining with the best value and user acceptance.

Whatever stage you’re at with Industry 4.0, we’ll guide you through the labyrinth of possibilities for digital transformation and get you where you want to be.
Monitor the failure potential of your conveyor belts: watch the ABB Mining Tech Talk
Participants from all over the world reported that the maintenance strategy of their conveyor belt could be improved: 92% told us that they are still lacking critical real-time information about the health of their conveyor belt.

Our experts have listened and answered with the demo of our new solution ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for belts, an advanced digital service tailor-made for condition-based maintenance of conveyor belts. The solution collects and tracks data from the conveyor belts to provide real time information on the failure potential, thus enabling planned and timely action.

In case you want to overlook what was discussed during the session, be sure to check out the materials and reach out to us.
Our most recent projects
Gold Fields orders ABB integrated power and automation system for Chilean project
ABB will deliver six electrical rooms plus an integrated digital system solution for process and power control.
The digital solution is crucial to this project and will help to overcome remote location and climatic instability challenges at the site 1,300km from Santiago.
ABB provides automation and electrification planning for new mine in Sweden
Early involvement in a mine development project helps to set a successful course and with this in mind we were proud to have the chance to work with Nordic Iron Ore AB as the mining company makes plans to redevelop the former Blötberget mine in Sweden.

LKAB extends ABB service agreement for hoists at Swedish mine

ABB’s service agreement with LKAB covers twelve hoists at Kiruna mine and has been extended until at least the end of 2023.  We are proud of our continued and expanded relationship with LKAB.

130 years of mining experience: ABB and the road to sustainable progress for the mines of the future
Mining has a major role to play in our society. It provides the world with mineral and metal commodities that are fundamental building blocks of our lives and is essential for the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables. Mining also has to be part of the solution on limiting global temperature and greenhouse gas emissions. Drawing on 130 years’ experience in the mining industry, ABB is partnering with industry players to energize the move towards sustainability.

Please read the blog from Max Luedtke where he shares his experiences, leading from the front, and his thoughts to drive sustainable progress.
Racing to a carbon-neutral digital mine
Racing sports fans enjoying the high speed maneuvers usually do not see how much preparation is required beforehand - including the use of data and mathematical models. The quickest route to victory is through innovation.

The same can be said about the race to carbon-neutral digital industries. In his blog, Marcos Hillal highlights many other similarities and lessons, particularly on the way to the all-electric mine.
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